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LinuxCNC – Kinematic Calculations

From the LinuxCNC website, a short intro:

When we talk about CNC machines, we usually think about machines that are commanded to move to certain locations and perform various tasks. In order to have an unified view of the machine space, and to make it fit the human point of view over 3D space, most of the machines (if not all) use a common coordinate system called the Cartesian Coordinate System.

The Cartesian Coordinate system is composed of three axes (X, Y, Z) each perpendicular to the other two. 

When we talk about a G-code program (RS274/NGC) we talk about a number of commands (G0, G1, etc.) which have positions as parameters (X- Y- Z-). These positions refer exactly to Cartesian positions. Part of the LinuxCNC motion controller is responsible for translating those positions into positions which correspond to the machine kinematics.

Presented by Prof Rudi, thanks Prof!