Club Project – Mini Mill – Update

  1. Hi Prof.
    This is Des in Hermanus.
    While at the Paris exhibition I got talking to Tom and Bertie .
    I am in London at this time about to relax in Portugal for a week!
    No machines within reach.
    The new machine you are developing and building really interests me.
    As you know I have a few CNC machines and love the technology.
    For the last 25 years since before CNC was common I’ve been manually writing my G codes using an editor and Autocad 15. Recently I’ve also started using Aspire for CAM work.
    I stopped playing with fusion 360 due to unreliable Internet.
    Danie Gouws at SANSA is also an avid CNC’er , raspberry PI and GRBL enthusiast.
    Is it feasible to become a long distance club members ?
    My machines
    1) An original DENFORN Triac PC mill , still running well after 25 years on a DOS PC.
    2) A DENFORD Orac lathe that’s been upgraded to Mach 4 with direct drive steppers . These were originally on my
    3) Tormach 1100 that is about 10 years old. When I upgraded to the new polyphase steppers I moved the older very powerful steppers to the lathe and took out the belt drive . So the steppers now attach directly to the ball screws .( like the Tormach 1100)
    I also have a fairly new OMIO “H” frame pantograph with linear slides and ball screws.
    Since we are travelling for the next 10 days internet contact may be unreliable.

    Kind regards

    Dr.Des & Lynda Horn

  2. Hallo Des, as a club member I want to encourage you to follow along on the website as things progress. I am aware that there are other “remote people” following this as well.
    Johan Hartman

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