Club Meeting – 24/9/2018

Great evening, thanks Prof

Mini Mill – Update

Updated drawings in PDF format: Here

The castings are done and here’s the photo’s of the Mini-Mill project castings, looking awesome!!

If you want the full sized photo’s, message me! @ruben

Discussion on the mini mill can be done here

LinuxCNC new GUI development

Here are the files that Prof Rudy explained: here   The Presentation has been included now.

The ISO of the LinuxCNC based on Debian stretch, development version can be downloaded here:  LinuxCNC V2.8

LinuxCNC interface development discussion is here

The link to the Video’s will be in the forum.

Club meeting – 23/8/2018

First we had Philip Beukes with his “CNC” Chest set, which you can play against with a cell phone app!

We had an update on the EDM (Wire cutter) Club project from Cecil, see last photo for cutting progress!!

Prof Rudi gave feedback on the Mini Mill club project. molds are nearly ready to make first casting!